30 kVA Three-Phase eleXsys Energy dSTATCOM (EEdS) Specifications Sheet


  • True three-phase 400VAC 30kVA inverter in one package;
  • Can be operated as a three-phase four-wire @30kVA or single two-wire @20kVA;
  • Frequency 50 or 60Hz;
  • DC input range 600 – 1000VDC;
  • Full four-quadrant – capable of sourcing/sinking VARs and import/exporting kW to full rating;
  • Four wire three-phase with individual phase current balancing;
  • Battery charging and discharging of energy storage devices;
  • Power conditioning compensation for grid sag/swell and voltage fluctuations;
  • Programmable harmonic sink;
  • Selectable current source or voltage source inverter;
  • Power factor correction;
  • Power flow regulation;
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) function;
  • Off grid operation;
  • Communication Interface – TCP/IP or WIFI;
  • Communication Protocol – Modbus;
  • Data logging for one year.
Power grid

EEdS Series Specifications

3-phase transformer-less. Four-arm bridge topology, the fourth arm is located on the neutral and facilitates phase voltage balancing.[1] Single-phase operation may be achieved by firmware changes and by terminal re-configuration.
± 30 kVA / ± 35.7 kVA
Peak power
± 45 kVA (Temperature limitation; approximately 30 mins with Ta at 25 ˚C)
Overload control
Current control – short circuit response defined by firmware
Four Quadrant bi-directional source or sink real power and VARs
DC Input voltage range
650Vdc – 1000Vdc
PWM switching
Two level, 48 kHz current controlled
Output waveform
Sinusoidal < 2.5% THD
Switching technology
Silicon Carbide MOSFET
DC bus capacitor
Nominal frequency
50/60 Hz (Parameter)
3-phase 400-480 VAC
Peak efficiency
Operating temp. range
0˚C ~ +40˚C  (Full power)
Firmware platform
Dual Delfino™ 32-bit processors
Firmware security
Encrypted to AS 256
6.3U Rack Mounting unit; 485 X 277 X 602mm (L X W X D)
40 kg
Data logging
Data are accessible via Ethernet or via Communications expander board


Protection degree
Safety class
Configurable trip parameters
Overload behaviour
Current limitation; power limitation; Ta dependant
Anti-islanding protection
AS4777.2:2015; IEC62116
Grid regulation
AS62040.1:2019; AS60950.1

[1] Note that the fourth arm makes it possible to connect a single 3phase inverter as a single or “two phase” inverter (“Two phase” is useful in Single Wire Earth Return systems (SWER) and in US split transformer systems).

[2] Product does not use Electrolytic capacitors at any level – neither Aluminium nor Tantalum.
All capacitors are either polypropylene or ceramic. The Capacitors used on the dc bus have a design life of 30 + years.