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eleXsys is a game-changing solution that removes the biggest obstacle to global adoption of renewable energy systems.

Through innovative next-generation technology, eleXsys allows clean energy producers to feed multiple times more energy back into existing electricity distribution grids. It turns today’s legacy one-way grids into two-way smart grids without the need to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and equipment upgrades.

For businesses, it provides the certainty that the distributed energy resources they produce can be reliably exported back into electricity grids. For everyone, the multi award-winning eleXsys unleashes the full potential of locally produced renewable energy to create a cleaner energy future, starting today.

About us

Our commitment

The commitment we make to all eleXsys Energy investors, employees, customers and partners is to do all we can to support global efforts to provide a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment is made without conditions and guides us every day as we work to support the transition to a clean energy future.

Award-winning technology

Award-winning technology

2021 Winner

Renewable Energy Category
Davos Energy Week Startup
Pitch Competition

2021 Winner

Smart Buildings & Cities Most Innovative Scale-Up
Proptech Association Australia Awards

2021 Finalist

Energy Tech Challengers
Top 5 Future Grid

2019 Winner

Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security
World Energy Council Start Up
Energy Transition Awards

The looming clean energy crunch

Australia is one of the first countries to experience large-scale voltage disruption due to the prevalence of residential and commercial rooftop solar. While we have both the technology and determination to create local clean energy, there is now so much being produced that existing local electricity grids simply cannot cope.

This excess energy causes voltage instability when exported into last century grids designed for one-way flow, prompting networks to impose limits that make large commercial and industrial scale solar unviable. Likewise, investments in other renewable energy sources such as wind power, battery and hydrogen are also less practical.

Already other nations and regions are starting to experience the same problem. Without an affordable solution, this sleeping giant will significantly hamper the global decarbonisation effort we know is vital for our planet.

eleXsys is that solution.

How eleXsys works?

The eleXsys solution is an advanced power electronics device with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) software applications that enables next-generation two-way smart grids.

This proprietary combination of hardware and software unlocks the full potential of electricity networks to integrate locally produced rooftop solar and micro wind energy, and battery storage.

By managing the stability and resilience of this distributed rooftop solar and micro wind generation, eleXsys fixes voltage problems at the source and ensures the most efficient, lowest cost delivery of clean energy.

Instead of discouraging clean energy creation or wasting what is being produced, eleXsys solves the fundamental problem of how to put that precious, clean energy back into the electricity grid.

Most importantly, the eleXsys solution comes at no cost to the grid or electricity consumers as it allows networks to remove restrictions on receiving clean energy and encourages the investment in large and profitable rooftop solar systems.

Our technology

eleXsys solution in action

The flagship eleXsys project is taking place in the Australian city of Adelaide through a partnership with global retailer and sustainability leader IKEA.

The IKEA eleXsys Microgrid combines commercial-scale solar rooftop and batteries with our technology to create a new model for renewable energy systems. It supplies clean energy to IKEA and also enables green energy trading into the main electricity grid.

A major Australian pension fund owns the system and will receive an attractive, long-term return on its investment – effectively creating a new asset class in the highly sought-after renewables sector.

For IKEA, the project is a key test case for the group’s global clean energy aspirations, reducing energy costs and benefitting the environment. It is anticipated that future stages will include a solar car park, electric vehicle (EV) fast charging and micro hydrogen generation. With 2MW of rooftop solar and 4MWh of battery storage, the completed clean energy power plant will be around 10 times larger than current constraints allow.

The expectation is that this store will be Carbon Neutral from onsite clean energy generation while reducing energy costs, most probably a world first that should be replicable globally.

For eleXsys, the partnership is a showcase of our global solution that will also demonstrate many additional applications of our technology in action.

Read our IKEA eleXsys Microgrid case study

A new world of opportunities

eleXsys introduces a new era in energy management, providing a wide range of applications for existing and new entrants to the distributed energy resources (DER) space. Traditional electricity solutions rely on heavy, bulky equipment that is expensive and needs complex installation and operating procedures. eleXsys combines numerous functions and applications into a single, cost-effective electronic device controlled by our world-leading software.


Maximise rooftop solar and battery energy storage systems for businesses and asset owners by creating grid-connected Virtual Power Plants up to 10 times bigger than current constraints allow

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Voltage management

Fix voltage and power quality issues so commercial and industrial sites can utilise 100% of the clean energy they produce and unlock revenue.

Find out more

Battery and EV fast charging

Make batteries economically viable without subsidies, encouraging the take up of more EV fast charging and enable trading of excess energy.

Find out more

Off-grid microgrids

Grid forming capability supports large standalone renewable energy systems and village grids, improving reliability and reducing costs.

Find out more

Grid-scale power plants

Combine clusters of microgrids to form large, interconnected networks equivalent to a coal power plant and without expensive grid infrastructure upgrades.

Find out more

Green energy trading

Allow producers of distributed energy resources to trade with other grid-connected parties and reduce their reliance on utility retailers.

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Rooftop solar is the cheapest form of energy production for everyone. To date, eleXsys Energy has prioritised the commercial and industrial sector. However, our R&D team is also developing an eleXsys solution for the residential sector.

Future markets

eleXsys can be adapted for applications in other new markets such as large-scale wind and solar farms experiencing curtailment due to their impact on grid voltage.

Investment in eleXsys

The development of our international award-winning technology and the global expansion of eleXsys Energy has been supported to date by successful capital raisings in Australia and overseas.

Funding from investors across the world has confirmed the appetite for ESG investing in new cleantech solutions that aim to tackle global carbon reduction targets.

Originally launched in Australia, eleXsys Energy has now reorganised and is headquartered in London with a growing number of offices around the world, including the United States and Singapore.

The company recently announced the appointment of senior UK capital markets expert Angelo Sofocleous as Non-Executive Chairman. Former Clean Energy Finance Corporation CIO Theodore Dow is a member of the eleXsys Advisory Board while Charlotte Aubin, founder of Greenwish Group and Council Member of the World Future Council, is our Strategy Advisor in Europe.

Invest in eleXsys Energy

Our story

Like many great innovations, eleXsys was borne in response to an emerging problem first identified by our co-founder and CEO Dr Bevan Holcombe while working for a large Australian electricity company more than decade ago.

As Australians embraced residential rooftop solar in their millions and sent their excess energy back to the grid, voltage instability escalated and attempts to find a suitable commercial product to solve the issue were unsuccessful.

The first eleXsys prototype was completed in 2015, followed by thousands of hours of R&D and rigorous testing. By 2020, commercialisation had commenced with a plan to integrate the technology in a large-scale solar and battery microgrid project.

International expansion and new applications followed with eleXsys today boasting a global team of more than 50 people, and the same pioneering culture needed to accelerate the world’s adoption of clean energy.

Read how eleXsys began

“eleXsys is a revolutionary product that changes the way we’ve been managing electricity grids for the past 100 years and empowers the world to produce so much more renewable energy than we ever contemplated before.”

Dr Bevan Holcombe
eleXsys co-founder and CEO

Listen to the podcast


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