A Variety of Applications and Use Cases

  • eleXsys® provides a variety of use cases and applications for existing and new stakeholders in DER and energy markets
  • eleXsys Services are provided by software application type bundled for bespoke installations or applied independently
  • Each eleXsys application addresses at least one DER related challenge in a cost efficient and simple solution
  • eleXsys® unique control system enables functions to be executed onsite with more complex multi-site requirements processed via connected eleXsys® subsystems
  • eleXsys® parent – child design delegates decision making to the most adequate end point
  • All site-specific applications are synchronized with a central platform every 5 minutes to ensure business continuity
  • eleXsys® focus on simplicity ensures most applications operate in a set-and-forget mode with exceptions processed centrally

Retrofit Rooftop Solar PV

Greenfield Rooftop Solar PV

Site Specific VPP

Multi-Site VPP

Community VPP

Auxiliary Grid Services

Battery Health

Utility Power Quality

Utility Scale DER

Rural and Remote DER Power Plants

Comprehensive DER Integration Applications

Harmonics Correction

Off-Grid Microgrid

Community Microgrid

Battery Fast Charging

P2P Energy Trading