About Us

eleXsys Energy’s innovative technology unlocks the full potential of electricity networks, by providing services that enable a two way flow of electricity on grids. eleXsys® provides the platform for the transition to electricity networks that support the most efficient, lowest-cost means of delivering clean distributed solar or wind energy.


Operations in Australia and the Rest of the World


In Australia, eleXsys Group operates through eleXsys Energy Pty Ltd under the trading name Planet Ark Power. The rights to the use of this name are established under a long-term license agreement with the respected Australian environmental organisation – Planet Ark.

In 2015, eleXsys Energy commenced commercial operations designing and engineering rooftop solar systems principally for the commercial and industrial sector in Australia. During this period, the eleXsys® technology was developed by eleXsys R&D.

Commercialisation of eleXsys® commenced in January 2020 with the integration of the technology into a large-scale, grid-connected solar and battery Microgrid Project on a services basis with the microgrid system owner. This flagship project is set to commence construction in Q3 2020. 

Rest of the World

In 2019, Planet Ark Power won international recognition at the “Start Up Energy Transition Awards” in Berlin, hosted by the German Energy Agency (Dena) and the World Energy Council (WEC). The awards were contested by 450 global applicants with 15 finalists in 5 categories with eleXsys® technology winning the “Smart Grids and Security” category. Following this achievement, eleXsys Group management recognised the scope of significant applications for the eleXsys® technology across global electricity networks.

The eleXsys Group has identified immediate opportunities to apply eleXsys® services models to projects in France, UK, Ireland, UAE and the Asia-Pacific (APAC). Accordingly, management has implemented a strategy of establishing a “beachhead” presence in those markets that present the most promising opportunities and where local partners to execute projects can be readily identified.


Following the opening of an office in Singapore in September 2019, a partnership with an APAC microgrid developer has been formed. A project incorporating eleXsys® technology with a SE Asian University and Griffith University of Australia, with funding support from government, is now underway.

United Kingdom

An office in the UK has been opened under the registered name of eleXsys Energy. eleXsys Energy has entered into a memorandum of understanding with a Northern Ireland based energy storage manufacturer and is currently working with this partner to:-

  • retrofit wind turbine generators on the island of Ireland with eleXsys® technology units under our software as a services model;
  • establish a manufacturing facility in the UK;
  • deliver a microgrid project for an island in the Western Hebrides; and
  • originate and deliver commercial solar and storage systems with eleXsys® integrated under our M-SaaS (Microgrid-Software as a Service) or B-SaaS (Battery-Software as a Service) models in England.

eleXsys Group Companies

eleXsys Holdings Limited

ACN: 160 907 746

Holding company for the Group with 100% ownership of its subsidiaries.

eleXsys R&D Pty Ltd

ACN: 160 918 463

The R&D company that has developed eleXsys® technology. It manufactures small quantities of the device.

eleXsys Energy Pty Ltd

ACN: 160 084 195

Developer and engineer of projects integrating eleXsys® technology. In Australia, it is trading as Planet Ark Power.

eleXsys Energy, UK

Establishment number BR022319

The UK establishment of eleXsys Holdings Limited, registered at Companies House with the Company Registration Number of FC037230.