eleXsys® – A Suite of AI Applications

Site specific DER maximization

  • Enabling commercial, industrial or government clients to maximize the value of DER
  • Unlock new revenue streams within evolving energy markets

Battery integration and optimization

  • Complementing DER projects with battery solutions to generate new revenue streams
  • Facilitating VPP or community battery solutions for grid resilience or auxiliary services

LV network optimization

  • Managing voltage and power quality along an LV feeder
  • Providing equal power factor for all connections

Any-size microgrid management

  • Operating on- or off-grid microgrids with minimal additional control and management equipment
  • Optimizing DER and battery usage across the microgrid

Grid-scale DER power plants

  • Combining distributed clusters of microgrids into interconnected networks
  • Increase the capacity of the grid with DER equivalent to a coal power plant without grid infrastructure upgrades