eleXsys® and the California business model


By Steve Thrall

Director of Development – North America, eleXsys Energy. Passionate and driven renewables advocate who is committed to leading the transition to a clean energy world. After first working with eleXsys Energy in their Australia office, Steve has returned to his home country of Canada as Director of Development – North America to lead eleXsys' global expansion into the North America energy market using their game-changing technology, eleXsys®.

22 July 2020

Contents of this blog series:

  1. eleXsys® brings more clean local energy to California
  2. California Community Microgrids
  3. eleXsys® and the California business model
eleXsys® makes it possible to realize the full value of community microgrids while quickly and cost-effectively decarbonizing the electricity sector. eleXsys® is an advanced power electronics device with a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) applications enabling next-generation two-way smart grids. This internationally award-winning technology platform manages the stability and resilience of distributed solar and wind generation to unlock the full potential of electricity networks.

By incorporating an integrated solar, battery and eleXsys® solution, underutilized rooftops are transformed into revenue-generating, clean energy assets. In addition, eleXsys® obviates the need for expensive grid infrastructure upgrades, often required by utilities when a large solar array is proposed for interconnection on a feeder circuit with limited hosting capacity.

With the previously noted changes to market mechanisms and the use of eleXsys® to maintain voltage within statutory limits, it is now possible to maximize the size of community microgrids in California. eleXsys® can provide resiliency to future PSPS events, enable the generation of more clean energy for local communities, and create economically viable returns for investors and customers alike.

Please support eleXsys Energy and organizations like the Clean Coalition as we strive to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change and transition to a clean energy world powered by rooftop solar, batteries and eleXsys®.

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