eleXsys Technical Overview

The eleXsys® hardware and Ai based software manages the stability and resilience of distributed solar and wind generation.  It unlocks the full potential of electricity networks to integrate distributed solar and wind energy, and battery storage, either standalone or in a microgrid ensuring the most efficient, lowest-cost delivery of clean energy and grid stability services.

Incorporating an integrated solar, battery and eEMS, underutilised rooftops are transformed into revenue-generating, clean energy power stations. With grid-forming capability, eleXsys® can also be configured for economically viable off-grid applications replacing diesel-based microgrids.

Utilities leverage eleXsys® to improve grid stability impacted by DER and increase network capacity without expensive grid upgrades.

eleXsys explainer video

eleXsys Group’s Vision and Objectives

eleXsys® and its expected market disruption

  • eleXsys Group strongly believes that DER represents the future of the global energy landscape.
  • Instead of costly grid investments to facilitate DER, eleXsys® enables a simplified, decentralized and more efficient approach to overcome grid limitations and maximize DER potential.
  • Applications include single and multi-site operations, virtual power plants (VPPs), community batteries as well as microgrids and entire low voltage (LV) network optimizations – with a simplified and cost-efficient set-and-forget software as a service based solution.
  • eleXsys’ unique business focus has the ability to create unprecedented stakeholder momentum for DER rollouts globally, turning any DER such as an optimized rooftop solar installation, into a bankable asset.
  • eleXsys® software has been designed with several artificial intelligence (AI) based applications to achieve its DER vision for a business-driven energy transition for the wellbeing of generations to come.

eleXsys® – provides a suite of AI based software applications:

Site specific DER maximization

Battery integration and optimization

LV network optimization

Any-size microgrid management

Grid-scale DER power plants

Why Is eleXsys® Unique?

Early learnings from Australia to be applied globally

  • A suite of AI applications providing all services required to manage DER anywhere in the network
  • Industry-first and award-winning
  • Enables a 2-way grid up to its thermal capacity
  • Dramatically simplifying the integration of DER, batteries, embedded microgrids and LV grid voltage management
  • As global energy markets evolve, eleXsys’ features and flexibility unlocks opportunities across a variety of geographies