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Homegrown PhDs a credit to Australian ingenuity

May 12, 2022

Australian ingenuity has never been more on show than it is at eleXsys Energy with no fewer than 15 homegrown PhDs on our growing team of engineering and technology experts.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dr Bevan Holcombe, is one of four PhDs from the University of Queensland working at either eleXsys Energy or our Australian master licensee partner Planet Ark Power.

Incredibly, we also boast a total of nine PhDs from Brisbane’s Griffith University in a further showcase of the expertise we have dedicated to the ongoing development of the eleXsys clean energy solution and its many applications.

PhDs from Central Queensland University and the University of Tasmania round out the current list of doctorate holders on our team.

Dr Domagoj Leskarac is one of the Griffith University senior engineers at eleXsys Energy and working in our research and development division.

Dr Leskarac received his Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronic and Electrical engineering in 2012 and later completed his PhD research by investigating STATCOMs and energy storage systems in smart microgrids.

“For eleXsys, I’m working on the deployment of battery and eleXsys systems for on-grid and off-grid applications,” he said. “I’m also working on the thermal management system within eleXsys and large-scale thermal management of multiple eleXsys units.

“It is very exciting work that’s at the cutting edge of research in our sector and includes the practical application of eleXsys technology combined with solar energy and batteries to test off-grid systems.”

Dr Leskarac said the number of Griffith University PhDs at the company highlighted the outstanding quality of the Queensland institution’s programs and its teaching staff.

“Even I was surprised that we had nine Griffith PhDs on the team,” he said.

“We are continuing our collaboration with Griffith University through a number of research projects so it’s great that this connection between Griffith and eleXsys is continuing.”

The full list of our current PhDs is below:

Dr. Bevan Holcombe – University of Queensland

Professor. Peter Wolfs – University of Queensland

Dr. Wayne Water – Griffith University

Dr. Boyuan Zhu – Griffith University

Dr. Chirag Panchal – Griffith University

Dr. Rasoul Garmabdari – Griffith University

Dr. Domagoj Leskarac – Griffith University

Dr. Johnny Liu – Griffith University

Dr. Edwin Davis – University of Queensland

Dr. Jeffery Li – Griffith University

Dr. Amit Dohke – University of Queensland

Dr. Geoff James – University of Tasmania

Dr. Umme Mumtahina – Central Queensland University

Dr. Nadia Afrin – Griffith University

Dr. Mostafa Esmaeili – Griffith University

To learn more about the team at eleXsys Energy, click here.

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