Why Is eleXsys® Necessary for Clean Energy Transition?

eleXsys® believes that covering urban and commercial rooftops with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, augmented by batteries, is the fastest, most effective route to create a clean energy world. This requires the least disruption and can be achieved at the least cost to our communities.

However, there are challenges:

  • Voltage volatility caused by surplus rooftop solar energy feeding into low voltage networks causes grid instability;
  • Grid instability leads to expensive capital upgrades with costs passed to consumers via higher power prices;
  • Grid operators impose curtailment or zero export of surplus rooftop solar energy to keep voltages within statutory limits;

Australian electricity networks were the first major networks to experience these challenges. However, over time electricity networks worldwide will need to respond to the challenge of voltage instability caused by increasing distributed energy resources (DER) as is occurring in Hawaii, California, Ireland and parts of France & the UK.

These challenges severely reduce the amount of rooftop solar that is economically viable to install and significantly impair the benefits of installing Virtual Power Plant batteries.

Grid grapth

While export restrictions help keep voltages within statutory limits, they act as a financial disincentive for large-scale commercial, industrial and institutional building owners to invest in rooftop solar PV and batteries at scales beyond what is required to meet their on-site needs. The result is large rooftops such as commercial warehouses remain as unrealised opportunities.